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In Eastern China, we value simple and pragmatic working methods and accumulate and share them in a relaxed and happy working environment. You don't just work here, you live with a group of like-minded people! The duty stations are located in Beijing unless otherwise specified.

You can introduce yourself in any way, for example, by attaching a creation that you were proud of in the past. If you like, please send your resume at the same time,'Naisheng Jiangzhao Invitation Sales Hall Gu Pei Cai Chemicals Articles in the main text of the tower to help us quickly and comprehensively understand you.

Office Building Interior Designer

Job description:

Tool Designer, Office Building Design Job Responsibilities:

1. Professional knowledge and skilled operation of ead, 3d, PS and other related design software tools

2. Two-point Commission of the contract

3. Be able to design project plan independently, be familiar with construction technology and site management, and make quotation

4. Strong communication and expression skills, negotiation and sales ability, adaptability and initiative thinking and learning ability.

5. Patience, Care, Strong Enthusiasm, Responsibility and Career

Working hours: 9 to 6 p.m.

6. Priority of quotation and effect drawing


Because the company has more resources, in order to develop the enthusiasm of employees, the system of base salary increase and commission should be changed.

1. Professional knowledge, skilled operation of cad, 3d, PS and other related design software tools

2. Two-point Commission of the contract

3. Quarterly Award

4. Year-end Awards

5. Upper Five Risks

6. Office building, office building, office building, office building, office design

The company organizes two staff outings per month, dinner and KTV activities per month.

The company team is vigorous and harmonious, has its own space to play, office environment is comfortable, human management!